About Us

Our Team

The Mortgage Branch Connection group is made of several top level mortgage executives that have extensive experience. They have built retail branching platforms for mortgage companies from the ground up and are consistently on the cutting edge of mortgage technology and carry a high level of professionalism.

Our Culture

Our mission is to be one of the most nationally-respected, locally-know recruitment assisting companies whose sole purpose is to help grow each branch to their full potential with the search engine system we have put in place.  We want to maintain a life long relationship and friendship with each individual we come across that needs our services. We will go above and beyond to get you set up with whatever you need in regards to retail branching.

Our Services

Mortgage Branch Connection is an independent placement firm that specializes in the pairing of Branch Managers with direct lending mortgage companies, federal savings banks and mortgage brokers. Our network of Lenders has been hand selected to ensure our offering presents opportunities to each and every branch manager we speak with. We’ve had years of success in finding the right fit for Branch Managers by thoroughly understanding their product requirements, rate and pricing model, desired compensation and geographic location(s).

The main benefit of using our services is that we are not tied to any specific company.  We hand pick each company that we feel are the best of the best. This means they are efficient in all of the following: competitive pricing,  aggressive compensation, strong operations, accounting (that gets you paid), quick disclosures, recruiting support, strong management, and lock desk support.

You can contact us directly at 888-509-4402 and any business inquires can be made to info@mortgagebranchconnection.com.