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Direct Lender Mortgage Branch

Direct Lender Mortgage Branch Opportunities

This an overview guide of what some of our direct lender mortgage branch partnerships look like for our state licensed companies. They have robust marketing departments, social media based training’s, proprietary CRM systems, 24/7 access to pricing, and are licensed in over 40 plus states. Their program flexibility includes Manual Underwriting, Conventional, FHA, (203K, 580 FICO), VA, Jumbo,Commercial, USDA, Construction/Rehab, and Reverse. Another benefit is that all our mortgage branch opportunities is that most of our lender offer customized branch margins, which means you have complete control over your mortgage branch.  Below are more noteworthy advantages with our direct lenders:


  1. Choose Your YSP/Commission Plan
  2. Premium Pricing (tier one rates)
  3. 24 Hour Underwriting Turn Times
  4. Quick Payroll (twice a week)
  5. Branches Can Process Own Loans
  6. Over 30 Correspondent Channels
  7. Over 40 Broker Outlets
  8. Direct To Agencies (Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie)
  9. Commercial and Private Money in addition to Broker Outlets

State Licensed Requirements: nmls + individual state

Processing: In-house or by branch

Borrower Closing Costs: $995/file for UW

Underwriting: 24 hour turn time

Volume: Those over $4 million can be assigned an underwriter

Start-up Cost: None

Set-Up Time: 48 Hours

If your interested in speaking with a mortgage branching expert you can contact us directly at 888-509-4402 or email us at

If you are looking to lend in all 50 states, check out our federal charter mortgage branching platform.