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Choosing A Federally Chartered Bank Branch?

Federally Chartered Bank Net Branch

The most common reason for mortgage professionals wanting to establish federally chartered bank net branch is because it gives you the freedom to originate in all 50 states without having to get state specific licensing. Our mortgage partnerships embrace federally hired FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) banks that have the power to do lending in all 50 states. There are lots of principles and laws behind state regulated banks. Some mortgage professionals would rather work with a Fed Charter bank.

Federal Charter branch opportunities are available for existing mortgage branches.  They must show they can produce a high volume of units. These banks are always looking for stable, entrepreneurial minded mortgage professionals. Federally Chartered mortgage branches can provide you with a national platform that will hep maximize financial gains.

Imagine having the ability use leads from everywhere in the country while not dealing with the hassle of licensing. Now you can work in these states that you couldn’t do business in before.  Start building more relationships with realtors or builders across the United States. Federally Chartered Bank Net Branch opportunities also give you the ability to grow your branch quickly by hiring unlicensed loan officers.

It’s hard enough to achieve success in the mortgage business. Why add the strain of licensing? Start lending as a Federally Chartered net branch bank and minimize your headaches. Our banking partners are looking for elite mortgage professionals who want a solid platform. Start increasing your revenue stream today!

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