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Loan Officer Branch Opportunities

Loan Officer Net Branch Transition

What is a Mortgage Net Branch?

A Mortgage Net Branch, which is also sometime called an Affiliate Branch, is a branch office of a mortgage banking institution. The branch manager runs the branch office with accountability for both the operating expenses and the employee supervision. Some branch offices are individual operations, while others are fully staffed offices employing dozens of professionals.

What will it cost me to start a branch?

The costs generally range around several thousand dollars. A good mortgage net branch company will not ask you for any fees other than pass-through fees (e.g. HUD branch fee, etc.) and at least 2 months in reserves.

Who is a good candidate for the loan officer net branch training program?

A strong candidate is a top-producing originator who is tired of bringing in huge profits for another firm, only to take his/her percentage payout on payday.

Through our loan officer net branch training program, we take on high producing loan officers that are looking to grow into a net branch. This will dramatically increase your revenue stream when you operate your own P&L.


Volume as low as 1.5 million (6 month closing track record)

2 month reserves

2 years plus experience

NMLS license

Branch location for office


No YSP disclosure

Choose Your Own Compensation Plan

Hire loan officers

Unlimited Income potential

Manage Your Own P&L

How Do I Get Started?

If your interested in speaking with a mortgage branching expert you can contact us directly at 888-509-4402 or email us at