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What is a Mortgage Branch?

What is a Mortgage Net Branch?

A mortgage net branch is a branch within a lender that hires loan originators to originate loans for that lender. Operating as a mortgage net branch you’ll receive the income from the originated loans less the lender administrative fee and processing fee. This will dramatically increase your revenue stream.

Becoming a mortgage  branch for a lender saves you licensing fees and run-through requirements for the state. As a mortgage branch you will be using the name, licensing and credentials of a company.

Lenders require certain loan originating experience to operate as your own mortgage net branch. Mortgage branch managers who can generate their own leads generally make the most of this opportunity, although some lenders may in fact provide training and mortgage leads.

More about Mortgage Branches:

You must decide which one is the best fit for your company and long term goals. How do you plan to figure this out and see through the flashy marketing materials to the true picture of each company? The answer is simple. We have already done the work for you and will connect you with the best mortgage net branch companies.

Mortgage Branch Connection has built relationships with some of the top rated Mortgage Banks in the United States. These lenders have asked us to help them in finding high quality candidates. When you contact us, we will then quickly figure out which of those banks may be a good fit. After getting some basic information about your management and production. We then get to work on identifying which one or two companies will be the best fit for you. Then connect you with the presidents of those mortgage banks. No filling out pointless application and no more searching online.

What is one of the most important factors for a Mortgage Net Branch Company?

One of the most important deciding factors is ongoing support. Make sure you have the proper support with your mortgage net branch company.

What is the biggest mistake looking for a Mortgage Net Branch Company?

The biggest mistake is choosing a company that isn’t experienced enough and doesn’t have adequate systems in place to accommodate growth.

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