Who is Mortgage Branch Connection and what do you do?

  • Mortgage Branch Connection is service provider that will match bankers and mortgage branches with our approved Lending Institutions that are looking to grow their branch. Finding the right mortgage branch opportunity  is a difficult process and we are here to assist you in your search for the right business partner efficiently.
  • Our primary Mortgage Branching partners are State Licensed and FDIC banking institutions that are licensed in 50 States, looking to expand their net branches in the United States.
  • Mortgage Branch Connection is an independent contractor and is not tied to any specific lending institution.

What products do your banking partners offer? 

  • Our banking partners in most cases offer everything you need, that’s why they are hand picked. They have multiple correspondent channels and broker outlets so you never loose a deal.

What forms of marketing do your banking partners allow? 

  • The banks in our network allow many different paths for marketing.  The main focus is on compliance and making sure all forms of marketing are approved by the compliance department.
  • Approved marketing programs include:  Online, Direct Mail, Radio.  Other methods of marketing would need to be reviewed by the corporate office and or examined by the compliance department.

Who is a good applicant for Mortgage Branch Opportunities?

  • Typically there are three core candidates for Mortgage Branch Connection’s services .  The first would be someone who is a top producer that is exhausted of making a percentage of the profits.  This individual should be entrepreneurial minded and should want to share in the profits of the branch they launch.
  • The second candidate for Net Branch Opportunities would be a group of individuals who already work together in the mortgage industry.  This team is most likely irritated with their current compensation plan and would rather be compensated with a branch profit sharing program. These candidates usually see their earnings increase as they become true partners in the bank and can share in the profits they produce.
  • The third candidate is someone who is already a Branch Manager or a Net Branch for another company.  This person would consider making a move because they want more flexibility in pricing, better turn times, and faster payouts after fundings.

For more information, please contact us at 888-509-4402 or email us at info@mortgagebranchconnection.com.

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